Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020 – Travel Day to O’Bannon Woods State Park

Hi Babe,
Got up early and finished packing everything, had to do a bit of fancy maneuvering to get out of my campsite without running into a ditch, but managed to do so after two or three passes at it. I stopped in Paoli at the Tractor Supply only to discover this one doesn’t refill propane tanks, which was my main reason for going there, so I just got a bag of feed and headed to the Walmart. Didn’t need much but I did need some padded envelopes to mail my books in, which I had to have to get out a book order I got the other day. Once I finished there and packed up the book, I had to pretty much block half a lane to drop it off at the post office, but that only took a minute. The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful, and with the whole trip only being about 65 miles, it didn’t take long. When I got to Corydon, the nearest town to my destination, I stopped at the Tractor Supply there, saw they refilled propane there, dropped my tanks off by the gate before going in, only to discover they had completely run out of propane! Fortunately I still have one and a half tanks, so it wasn’t an issue, but it does mean a trip into town again tomorrow. Arrived at the campground, got all checked in, and made my way down to the primitive horse camp, which was almost empty except for a rather well-known couple Bob Brittian and Ginny were in the site right next to me, as I learned later in the day. They were out riding when I arrived, but I got all backed in with no problem, plenty of room, and mostly level. Put up a highline between a tree and a hitching post, and did a complete set up, including screen room and grill in less than 90 minutes. Got my water tanks filled and everything, then settled down for awhile. My neighbors arrived shortly afterward and we exchanged pleasantries, then Trish and Janet arrived on horseback, they’d settled into the electric camp which was about a mile away. Janet struck up a conversation with the neighbors and that’s when we learned all about them. Anyway, we all chatted, then the ladies went back to camp, I grabbed some Ramen noodles and fed the horses, and eventually wound up over at Bob’s camp, he was playing his guitar and singing some great cowboy songs. The ladies drove down and sat with us around the campfire for awhile, I got to do my Snowy River, and Bob told a sad tale about a cowboy with an obsession with a wild palomino filly. Then we all went our separate ways for the night, with plans arranged for the morning ride tomorrow. Ginny had let me take a picture of a handkerchief that had a map of the place on it, since they seem to be hard to come by unless you want to spend $10, which seems excessive to me. I used it as an overlay on Google Earth and still managed to make a GPS for tomorrow. Bad news is there is absolutely NO cell phone signal down here at the camp, though apparently they have one at the upper camp, so I can see I’m going to be driving to check my email. Anyway, time for shower and bed, it’s already too late. Good night, sweetie! Love you!

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