Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020 – Travel Day to Shirley Creek

Pix to follow when I have a better cell phone signal!

Hi Sweetie,
I swear I just don’t understand people these days. I packed up the final few things this morning, had a bit of a problem getting the slide in because I was at the wrong tilt, but solved it by putting the boards under the tires on the left side, which was just enough to let me pull it in with a strap. I had a pretty straightforward drive, mostly on freeway, which was a bit longer mile-wise but a lot safer and easier to drive. I arrived at the tire place where I had the tire delivered, and they did a great job, got it done in about 30 minutes, mounting the new tire on the rim, disposing of both old tires and replacing the spare, but I fear it’s so much fatter it’s going to stuck up there forever, and only charged me $14! Amazing! They were right around the corner from Walmart so I took a quick trip just to pick up a few things I had forgotten the other day, and headed for the camp, just 30 minutes away. I arrived, scoped out the place (the best spot, the most level and the largest for a unit like mine was already taken by some non-horse people with a tiny pop-up camper), and another camper came in just behind me and took a corner spot, but it wasn’t one that would have been good for me. I ended up in the middle of the loop right next to the water, which, despite assurances from the main office that the water spigot had threads, they did not!), so I had that new issue to deal with, then I put out the electric fence (I took up a good amount of space, I admit, but there’s plenty of room for neighbors if I get any), then discovered that the hitching rail I surround with my fence looked like someone had spent the whole weekend with a couple of horses tied to the rail and never once bothered to pick up any manure! So I had to cart two wheelbarrows of manure away just so I could use the spot. What is it with Indiana people and the Hoosier Forest? I remembered the last time we went somewhere where the people left a big mess like that was ALSO in the Hoosier Forest, down at Germantown. It left a bad impression of Indiana in my mind for a LONG time, and we never came back again, not until I did this summer. What is wrong with people? The folks that took the corner are across from me, and once again, for some unknown reason, they cranked up a generator (fortunately it’s a more quiet Honda), but they left it running all day, even when they went out riding! What’s up with that? That’s happened a couple of times to me this season, I just don’t understand why anyone needs to waste gas generating electricity if they’re not doing anything that needs electricity! Weird. I’m going to ask tomorrow and see if there’s a reason that’s just escaping me. Anyway, it’s been a long day, I’m exhausted, I took my shower before dinner, watched some things on Dish because the cell phone signal is pretty weak here so I may not be getting Netflix (I was too tired to mess with it tonight), and now I’m heading to bed to read, and hopefully get a good night sleep, though I’m definitely putting in my earplugs since the generator is STILL on at 10:00 at night. Sigh… Love you, darlin’! Good night!

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