Thursday, May 14, 2020 – Prep for Departure Day

Hiya Babe,
Well, no floods today inside the trailer, but there’s still a leak of some kind in the basement, so I guess one of my first chores after I’ve settled in at Natchez Trace is going to be removing the basement covers and seeing exactly what is going on down there. Be a good chance to fix a bunch of stuff, I guess, maybe even adjusting the slide so that it closes properly, if I can figure out how to do that. Thank goodness for the internet! Meanwhile, I spent the day breaking everything down and putting stuff away. I also moved the horses over to a highline next door so I could try to clean up the area that I fenced in, but it’s so muddy there wasn’t a whole lot I could do except scatter manure around and try to step down some of the worst divots. There’s no special footing under the highlines and with all the rain, it’s just a big area of sloppy mud. I paced myself, so it ended up taking up most of the day, but I even hooked up the truck so I should be able to get out pretty early. Of course I’ll have to divert to the RV dump first, but I should still arrive plenty early enough to get things set up, unless it starts to rain. Naturally, one of the reasons I decided to travel tomorrow was because earlier in the week the forecast was for a sunny day, but that has since changed, first 10%, then 20%, now it’s up to 50% chance of rain, but they are still saying in the afternoon, so hopefully I can be fairly settled in before that happens. The whole weekend is supposed to be wet, but next week is looking a lot better, if you believe the forecast… Anyway, I finally settled down for the evening after taking Lola for her last walk, and I’m heading off to shower and bed! Good night, my love!

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