Thursday, Mar. 26, 2020 – Lots of Work But Ready!

Hey Darlin’!
I think I’m ready. I worked my butt off today to try to get everything as packed as possible, and all I have left are the electric cable and the water hoses, and of course, the last minute horse stuff we always did after we loaded the horses, though I’ve rearranged some stuff and even that’s down to a minimum now. I was a bit delayed because Jeff asked me to drive him to the store since none of his vehicles seemed reliable enough to get him there and back, so I figured it was safer just to take him rather than risk having to waste time towing him back. Fortunately, Walmart’s shelves were still mostly full (with the exception of ice cream! though I got some at Publix on the way home), and he got good and stocked up. He’s been really worried about running out of supplies, because the media has been really promoting some of the hysteria, but then, folks in Austin apparently can’t get bread or milk anywhere! One of Jeff’s neighbors that I met at the end of the driveway told me she shipped six loaves of bread to a friend in Austin! Here at the Walmart, they had full shelves, including dozens of bakery-made sliced Italian bread for just a dollar! Jeff got himself plenty of canned goods (I picked up some tuna and canned chicken, too, since I haven’t been able to get much of that lately), so now he feels more confident that he’s prepared for the food shortages he believes are coming. We’ll see. I’ve got plenty anyway, so I’m not worried, and I always have my bread machine if it gets that bad! Once we got back I started really finishing off the packing. I was having problems yesterday getting off some bad black marks on the side of the RV and remembered I had some of that streak remover, so I got that out and tried to use it, but the cap clogged up immediately on both cans I had. Since they were old cans, I decided to do an old school fix and got out a pin and started poking. Sure enough, I was able to get one working, and it was truly a miracle! I’d already tried bleach spray and hydrogen peroxide and nothing touched it, but this streak remover cleaned it right up. I only did the worst spots, though, so at some point I’ll need to go around the whole trailer, though I have to say, it looks pretty darn good right now! Of course, Jeff’s road is dusty as heck right now since we haven’t had rain in weeks, but at least it will be clean going out the driveway tomorrow! Late in the afternoon, Jeff finally decided to take his work van over to a mechanic shop in the farms, he’s so frustrated after not having it run for more than a month, so I followed him over then brought him back. My plan to be finish early and sit by the pool turned out to be a pipe dream, of course, though I did finally get in a swim around 6:00. Lola’s new ball machine started acting up again today, darn it, and I didn’t get a chance to order new sensors, so that’s on my list as soon as I get an address of where I’ll be staying once I get to Tennessee. I’m a bit ticked off at Lola, though. I had stripped the bed and was washing sheets, and forgot to close the bedroom door for a few minutes, and sure enough, Miss Lola got her feet good and muddy, then climbed up onto the bed, leaving tracks all over the cover that I had just washed last week, as well as my pillow. That added an extra hour of laundry to my day, since I had to use Jeff’s big washer for the cover and pillow, and couldn’t use the dryer for my sheets until that was done because of the power sharing problem. So it was nearly 10:00 before I was able to finish it all off. Grrrr! As if I didn’t have enough to do! I’m sure she’s a bit discombobulated after watching me pack everything. I’ll be glad to finally be able to feed the horses on my own schedule, though, instead of having to wait for Jeff. It was after dark by the time we got halfway started tonight, and the mosquitoes got me, of course. As comforting as it has been to be there during this tough time, it will be great to get back on the road again, and I have to say, I’ve never felt so prepared, with everything so clean and put away, than I ever have before. And if all goes well with the sale of the house, by the middle of next month, I’ll be living free, with no tethers to any place. Can’t wait! Well, that’s all the news for now, off to bed! Good night, sweetie! Love you!

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