Thursday, June 21, 2012 – Hay and Errand Day

Found some hay on craigslist in nearby Alpine, NY, so Hubby disconnected the truck from the RV and I headed off to get a truckload of hay. Stopped at the printer and picked up my job, which he had actually finished by Tuesday afternoon, and had an interesting conversation about local politics and exhorbitant NY taxes (a common conversation around here) before heading off to the farm. Hay was first cut Timothy, and a lot stalkier than we’re used to, especially after this last batch of soft grass hay with alfalfa that was last year’s second cut, so I’m not sure how the horses will like it. $4 a bale, very green, smelled great, so I’m hoping that will be okay, they’re usually not too fussy. Picked up another container of gas, as we’re on the generators this week, before heading back to the tower. Actually sat around outside for a little while, though it was really hot, it wasn’t too bad under the awning and here at the top of Sugar Hill. Pretty nice breeze kept the temps under 90, though down in town the thermometers were reading 96. A beautiful summer day! People started arriving for the weekend (a couple of rigs had actually come in together last night), but not so much as to feel crowded. Kept the horses on the highline so they’d stay out of trouble, though, just in case.

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