Thursday, July 23, 2015 – Travel Day to Caledonia

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Had a long drive today, so we got a fairly early start, having to take one detour around a section of Route 104 that was supposedly closed. Grabbed lunch at Orbachers in Williamson, then took the long swing around Rochester to get to Caledonia, with several stops along the way. Arrived just after 5, and shortly before the ladies who were hosting us arrived. This is a really cute little farm, and though it has a variety of fenced off pastures, several were populated with alpacas, but no horses, even though they have been advertising on craigslist for a boarder. After some spirited discussion, Hubby and I managed to find a mutually agreeable place to park the RV, and the horses were put away in a very lush pasture where they naturally rolled and ran and had a great time exploring before settling down to the business of eating. This should be a great place for Clio to fatten up, though we'll have to keep an eye on them, this is much richer than anything else they've had for a while. Hubby got the satellite dish up in no time, and I ran Lola around a bit in a clearing behind us before settling in for a nice quiet evening.

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