Thursday, January 13, 2022 – Big Time Rest Day

Hey Darlin’,
Slept late this morning, felt a little better, at least until I started moving, still struggling with back pain. Barely managed to feed the horses and throw the frisbee for Lola, but I had to make her put it in my hand because it hurt too much to bend over. She’s so smart, she had that figured out very quickly! After that, I went straight back to bed, because as comfortable as my chairs might be, I think the bed was a better idea. Yesterday I took some time release acetaminophen, which helped just a little, but then I looked at the bottle and saw they had expired in Nov. 2013! Then I found a bottle of practically full aspirin, and even that had an expiration of April 2021, but at least that seemed to work a lot better. So I spent the day in bed taking aspirin, reading, and napping. Around 5:00, my camping neighbor actually came over and knocked on the door to see if I was all right, since they hadn’t seen me around all day! How thoughtful was that! I swear, the country song is right, most people are good. I felt a little better, managed to feed the horses and play with Lola for a few minutes, then had some dinner and settled down for the evening, watching a new British limited series called The Stranger. Skipped my shower last night, but taking one tonight, then off to bed shortly. Had a few more sign ups for the OTL today, things are looking promising for good numbers this year! Hope that makes everybody happy and not overwhelmed! Makes me happy, seems like I’m getting the job done! Good night, my sweet! Love you!

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