Thursday, Jan 7, 2021 – Low-Key Day of Remembrance

Hey there, my love,
Hard to believe a year has gone by since you left me to go exploring “the undiscovere’d country, from whose bourn no traveller returns…” Tried to keep busy, did some bookkeeping, made a few phone calls, laundry, ordered some stuff. I was going to wash Apollo with a new sprayer I ordered, then hopefully get him dry enough to clip him, but the sprayer didn’t come with a quick connect for the hose, even though it required it to be used, so I’ll have to get that tomorrow. I was going to bathe him anyway, but he wouldn’t let himself be caught, not even with mints, so I decided to forget it for today. I tried to sit by the pool for a bit, but the water was too cold and the flies came out, so I just came back to the trailer. I fed all the animals today, Jeff knew he’d be late on a job today, so it was prearranged. Finally settled down for the evening with a movie and the latest series I’ve been watching on Netflix, Heartland, filmed in western Canada about a horse rescue ranch. A busy day tomorrow so I’m heading to bed early. Trying hard not to be melancholy today, sweetie, so I’ve been mostly thinking about some of our happiest times together, and doing more smiling than is probably culturally expected, but that’s just the way things always were with us, forget the past, look to the future for more joy and enjoyment of life. But I still miss you, love you, and wish you were still here physically as well as spiritually. We had a great life together, no regrets, never boring, just like you promised. Promises made, promises kept. Good night, my love.

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