Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020 – Prep Day for OTL

Hey Babe,
Spent most of the day just getting ready for the big weekend coming up. All the trails are now supposed to be marked (I did my bit!), but I had to clear out the truck so that we can shuttle passengers from Corbett to Dupuis at the end of the day tomorrow, and also have room for anyone that might have to be rescued during the ride. I volunteered to let them use our truck and trailer as their rescue ambulance, which they appreciated, but also gave me the added benefit of having my truck delivered to me at the end of the ride, saving me at least one trip back to the start! As you can imagine, that took some doing, since so much stuff was piled up in the foot area of the back seat, not to mention Lola’s gigantic bed! I cleaned it all up, though, vacuumed it out and sprayed it with Febreze, making it all look nice. Did what laundry I needed to do, and generally just spent the day preparing before settling down for the night. ‘Night, my love!

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