Thursday, December 22, 2022 – Finally Rested Enough to Get Going

Hiya Darlin’,
A good night sleep, then after feeding Flash I fixed a fence board that had bome loose in one of the paddocks, picked a few ragweed that were about to bloom, had breakfast, then headed over to brother Glenn’s to check in on his place, with a stop at the hardware along the way. Delighted to find that the chlorine in his pool finally did the job and all of the stains were gone. Other than a plugged up filter and a dead rat that I had to scoop out of the pool, everything else looked great. Fixed the lawn mover as best I could with the parts I got at the hardware store, but didn’t have time to do the mowing yet, I’ll get it done next week. Stopped and got some fuel, then headed down to Jeff’s to pick up Apollo and bring him back to camp for a happy reunion with Flash. Did a little grocery shopping for Christmas at Public, can’t have the holidays go by without some special fixings, like eggnog. Parked the small trailer back in its place, moved some salt for the wells, then settled down for the rest of the evening. Ordered a couple of Trojan batteries for the RV, expensive but they should last, providing I take good care of them. Just starting to rain here. Supposed to be nice during the day here tomorrow, then a huge cold front is coming in, dropping temps into the 30”s, just in time for Christmas! Brrrrr! At least the horses will have the barn to hide in, and I may put some blankets on them as well. Anyway, heading to shower and bed momentarily. Love you, sweetie! Good night!

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