Thursday, Dec. 31, 2020 – New Year’s Eve

Hi Babe,
Hard to believe it’s New Year’s Eve already! What a crazy year this has been! I had a better night sleep, and after chores and breakfast, started a load of laundry, then I packaged up a book order and headed out to test drive the Buick. I dropped the book off at the box by Publix, then headed into town to the auto parts store to get a side marker for the trailer (it was torn off when the ladder came down coming into Jeff’s), then to Walmart for some sign-making supplies. I also found a better side marker, so I ended up going back to the auto parts store and taking theirs back anyway. I LOVE driving the Buick! That lovely, throaty sound of the motor just makes my heart dance! I can’t sell Panther, I just can’t! I’m going to order a new cover, and maybe consider a paint job, Jeff say’s he knows a guy… I got back and made a sign for the trailer, then went out again to put it up on Indiantown Road, though I put it further in, which I hope helps. I haven’t had much response to my marketplace ad yet, and a couple of other places I’ve listed it, but I’m trusting that it’s only because everyone’s been so busy through the holidays. Meanwhile, I let Lola come out and play after I fed the horses, and she worked herself so much I’m sure she’ll sleep tonight. I may give her an allergy pill anyway, because they love to shoot off guns and fireworks here on New Years, and I’d hate for her to be restless all night because of that, she’s already hiding behind my chair. Anyway, after more eggnog and rum by the pool for a bit (where Lola was the star of the show!), I headed back to settle down for the evening. Another movie, a few TV episodes, and now I’m heading to the shower and bed. No way I’m staying up for the ball drop, it’s been way too disappointing the last few years. I didn’t even get any sparkling wine this year, first time I can remember not doing that since I passed drinking age (back when it was 18!), Just not into it this year. Probably because it’s been 51 weeks since you passed on, and that anniversary will be here too soon… Well, never mind, I’m off to showers and bed. Love you, sweetie! Good night!

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