Thursday, August 27, 2020 – Slow Day

Hi Sweetheart!
I had another great night sleep, did my chores, then decided my saddle and saddlebags were long overdue for a cleaning, so I pulled them all out and spent quite a few hours getting those in shape. I had to switch out the other stirrup from the other Aussie saddle, because I felt the wood crack on the OTHER side when I was riding yesterday, so now both stirrups have been changed out. My saddlebags were absolutely filthy, mud everywhere, so I took everything out an re-sorted it, washed everything down, restocked the first aid kit, and discovered that my emergency blanket had pretty much disintegrated. Who knew it could do that? Got everything cleaned up and put back together, so it was a productive day. The rest of the day was spent arguing with our union about how I’m supposed to meet all their covid requirements (ridiculous!), so that I can get a contract so I can keep my pension contributions and health insurance going. Sigh, I hate bureaucracies! Anyway, it’s been threatening with rain and thunder all day, Lola keeps diving behind my chair whenever the storms get close, but it’s only rained a little bit so far. Supposed to be worse tomorrow. No worries, I’m snug as a bug in a rug here in my luxury trailer! I finally settled down for the evening, watched a decent modern western for a change, then broke down to watch the last 90 minutes of the Republican Convention. I tried to watch it once or twice earlier this week, but seeing all the awful presentations just made me crazy. But I was compelled to listen to Trump’s speech, and he did a good job. He’s got himself a pretty good scriptwriter now, and if he didn’t keep leaning sideway on the lectern, I’d say he did a half decent job of it. Anyway, I showered long ago, and Trump didn’t finish until about midnight, so I’m getting to bed late. Good night, darlin’! Love you!

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