Thursday, April 5, 2018 – Busy Day Setting Up for Hoosier Horse Fair

Up bright and early (or should I say I dark and early, pre-dawn!) to get Hubby over to our prearranged appointment at the local Dialysis Center, where the nurses were absolutely fabulous. When they learned Hubby just had to have an emergency catheter put in because his arm graft had clotted, and that I have never really worked with that type of fixture before, they walked me through to confirm the information I learned in the crash course our own nurse gave me on Monday, and offered to let me do it myself , tomorrow, with supervision just to make sure I've got the process down right. After we finished there, we headed back to the fairgrounds, had some breakfast in the trailer, then headed over to the South building, got unloaded, and got our booth set up in short order, did a little running around for some last minute items, and had a fairly relaxing evening, though the temps were dropping fast, with snow predicted for tomorrow night! I certainly hadn't expected that in Indianapolis in April! But there you go. Good thing we brought our parkas with us!

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