Thursday, April 30, 2020 – Ready!

Hello Darlin’!
Well, I think I’m ready! Even though I had a terrible night sleep (and don’t know why), I got up this morning with a plan to do everything possible to be ready for the trip tomorrow. I’ve been determined in these last few weeks, that in addition to getting everything in the house done and/or sold, I wanted to leave here without anything to fix, fill, finish or clean when I reached my next destination. I want to arrive and just be able to relax, ride and recoup from all of the exertions I’ve put out in the last weeks, months and years! So I did everything possible this week and more so today, to fix, fill, finish and clean everything that’s been hanging around, short and long term, including such mundane items as filling and cleaning Lola’s gumball machine. I put all the hoses away, flushed out the black water tanks about half a dozen times before the water finally came out reasonably clear, reorganized the horse area including putting down some shavings, and so much more. I even went back to the house to put a few things away in that I will pick up again in October, and helped the new owner pile a bunch of trash in the trailer and take it down to the dump area off Fred Lusk Rd., which was quite an experience for a city boy like him. He had no idea getting rid of trash meant throwing it into a nearly full receptacle that stood about 8 feet tall! He had torn all the carpet out of the bedroom, so we had large rolls to fling up there. Fortunately the dump guy actually helped us, even though he wasn’t supposed to, and I made sure to give him a fiver for all the help he provided. When we got back to the house, I helped him change the water filter in the well house, he was concerned about how low the water pressure was, I assured him it just needed a new filter, and I was right! Our so-called tenants had put in one of those filters that catches everything, and it was chock a block with sediment. Changing the filter solved his problem! I also walked him through putting chemicals in the hot tub, so he’s good to go. He took his first hot tub last night, and was in seventh heaven, he said. He was so relaxed afterward he had a great night sleep. He really appreciates the place, babe, and I’m glad he’s so enthusiastic about it. You know that house is really only for people with a special understanding, and he seems to have that. He’s been working hard on it, and it’s looking better already. Anyway, after I left there and got back to camp, did one final flush of the holding tank, fed the horses, threw in some laundry, cooked some dinner, and settled down for the evening. Going to bed really early tonight, hopefully, because there’s still a bit more packing to do in the morning, and then we’re FINALLY going to hit the road, at long last! Can’t wait!!! Heading out to Chickasaw State Park, that place in west Tennessee we were planning on going, it looks like they have a LOT of trails in the forest out there, so the horses will start to get some LONG OVERDUE exercise. All I want to do for the next two + weeks is sleep, eat and ride! Naps in the afternoon are a luxury I hope to indulge in regularly. Anyway, to insure that gets off to a good start, I need to get my bedtime ablutions off to a good start as well, so here I go! Love you, sweetie! Good night!

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