Thursday, April 23, 2020 – Another Fabulous Rest Day

Hi Babe,
Best night sleep in a long time! In bed by 10, with earplugs, and even though it rained and was very windy, I slept almost straight through the night, right until 8:30! I woke up feeling more rested than I can remember. I had two people who were supposed to come to the house cancel, so I ended up not even leaving camp at all today! I worked on the computer a bit, read a bit, watched TV a bit (I switched to Deep Space Nine, which was MUCH better than Voyager!), and generally relaxed today. I still have a couple of problems to solve before I leave next week, but I’m counting the days to getting back on the road! The horses and Lola are getting as ready to move as I am, with all the rain the paddock turning it into a mud bog. Anyway, heading off to bed to see if I can repeat the sleeping experience tonight! Good night, my love!

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