Sunday, September 25, 2011 – Move to Embassy Suites Jamaican Court

Embassy Atrium

Packed up everything, had breakfast at the nearby Denny’s across from the Convention Center (where we had some of the best service we’ve experienced so far in Orlando!), then headed down to our new digs at the Embassy Suites on Jamaican Court. Before leaving the Rosen Plaza, I asked to speak with the manager regarding our food poisoning incident, and he was very unhelpful. First he chastised me for not telling him sooner “when he could have done something,” though what that would have been wasn’t clear, then when I told him about the tap water being added to the soup, he insinuated that Hubby didn’t actually see what he saw, that the water was probably going into “the steamer tray,” which was a ridiculous accusation, then again, indicated that I shouldn’t have waited so long to tell him, how it was too late. Well, I don’t know why it would be too late to fix what is apparently a systemic problem, but in his mind there was nothing he could or would do at this point. Very unhappy (angry actually) I left shaking my head. So despite decent rooms and service in other areas, I left the hotel extremely dissatisfied. Anyway, after breakfast we confirmed there was a microwave and refigerator in our room at the Embassy Suites, and headed out to Wal-mart to do some shopping. Checked into a typical Embassy room, which is very good by most standards and settled in. We had finally had a pretty good night sleep the night before, and our systems seemed to be just about purged, so we were beginning to feel better at last. Good thing, too, because it would be really hard to conduct an all-day workshop tomorrow if I wasn’t back to my normal energetic self! Had some soup (Healthy Choice microwaveable in the bowl) from Wal-mart with rice cakes, almost back to our regular diet, then was in bed by 9:00.

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