Sunday, September 1, 2019 – Rainy Day

Had a few bouts of rain last night, then more storms came in throughout the day. We sat out in the screen room for the most part of the morning, working on logistics for the next month or two, before starting his dialysis session mid-afternoon. Even though we were between storms then, we lost power in the middle of our session, so we put on the inverter and ran the rest of the day on that. Good thing I had decided to put the inverter/charger on the night before, I had left it off most of the week to test how effective our new solar panel kit would be (and it’s been working okay, but we won’t really know until we’re boon-docking), and the batteries had been a little low, but they were at full capacity when the power went off. We got through through the evening without any problems, didn’t even have to turn the generator on, and the power came back on about 10:30, just as we were getting ready for bed. A quiet, rainy, pleasant day!

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