Sunday, Sept. 18, 2022 – Long Runaround Day

Hi Darlin’,
Was hoping my back wouldn’t hurt as much this morning, but the pain kicked in and I had to take three ibuprofen, and even that didn’t help much. Guess I’m going to have to find a chiropractor. Anyway, did my chores, had breakfast, then headed out to start my errands. A quick stop at Walmart for a couple of things, then a stop at Glenn’s condo to pick up his new spa pump (I’ll be glad when that’s installed, it might just help with my back a bit!), then decided to check out Walton Rocks Beach, which is a off-leash dog beach about five miles from the condo. Didn’t know if I had the energy, but decided it would be good for Lola, and she did have a blast! I just sat and watched her as she romped around with some of the other dogs. There was one dog there in a shark swimsuit, it was hilarious! It actually had a dorsal fin, and if he had gotten into the water, it would have probably been terrifying if they didn’t notice the dog attached! Never saw him get in that deep, though, probably a good thing! Didn’t stay too long, but had a good time. Next stop was Glenn’s house in Indiantown, dropped off the pump and straightened out his pool pump. Evidently they lost electricity a few days ago and the pump reset to some setting that doesn’t keep the pump running, but I fixed it. Dena had bought a fruit picker and I used it to get down one of the big papayas that was ready to drop, though I put the basket under one of them, shook the tree, and the one next to it dropped! Oh, well, it seemed to stay intact, so now I’ll just ripen it up as is. It was way too late to start mowing, and frankly, my back couldn’t take it today anyway, so hopefully tomorrow. Grass doesn’t look all that bad anyway. Got back to camp, only to learn from the cleaning guy that there was yet again problems with one of the showers, so I went and turned that off and locked it up. I also noticed the well pump tank was overflowing again… It never ends with this stupid plumbing out here! Then I checked my batteries again, because yesterday when I went to check the water level, it was way down again, so I had refilled them, today they were literally boiling. I topped off a few that needed it, and turned off the charger for a bit to let them cool down. It was really hot in there, so I opened the flap of the skirting to let some cooler air in, hopefully that will work. I’m going to run the batteries down again before I put the charger on, just to try to get them behaving normally again. Don’t like to see them boiling, not when they sit next to my propane tanks, right under my bedroom! That would be bad! Finally settled down for the evening, putting an ice pack on my back, which worked about the same as the ibuprofen (some relief, but not much), finished watching a limited series program, so now it’s time for shower and bed! Good night, sweetie! Love you!

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