Sunday, May 29, 2022 – Quiet Day in Camp

Hey Darlin’,
Had a better night sleep, Lola was a lot quieter tonight, thank goodness! A few more people showed up to day ride, but few stayed around for the “picnic,” though Jamie and Dave did, so we had some hotdogs and some of her saucy chicken before they left in mid-afternoon. Once again the dire predictions of rain didn’t happen until nearly 7:00, and I managed to get all my evening chores and rounds done just before the rain. I rained fairly steady for a couple of hours, which we needed, and it cooled things off nicely. I was supposed to ride with Petra but she never showed up, so I didn’t ride or really do much of anything today, so a quiet day. Finally settled down and listened to the rain on the roof, finished a sappy book, and watched a couple of Supernaturals, so now I’m ready for shower and bed. Good night, baby! Love you!

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