Sunday, May 10, 2015 – Rest Day

After having such a nice ride yesterday, Hubby and I spent most of the day relaxing, though we did take a walk with the dogs. Didn’t have a very good night sleep last night, just too dang hot and muggy. Never got below about 75 degrees, no sheets and still sweltering in the heat. Hard to sleep when you’re dripping with sweat! We ran fans until bedtime, but even that didn’t help too much. Proof we’ve spent too much time in the south, need to get north! Unfortunately, the weather forecast is looking like rain, rain, and more rain, except for one brief window Tuesday, so we’ve changed our plans again. We’ll leave Tuesday and head north to Village Creek State Park east of Little Rock, Arkansas. It will be a VERY long day, but there’s not really anything in between, and I have a teleconference to facilitate on Wednesday, so we need someplace with a good cell phone signal. We’ll stay on Wednesday to do the conference and recuperate from what will likely be nearly 10 hours of driving (about twice what we normally do, but weather is forcing our hand), and then run home on Thursday, just ahead of a front that’s coming in. Fingers crossed, it will all work out as planned! Having finalized that decision, we spent the rest of the day relaxing, watching TV (further reducing the recorded programming on our DVR, a long overdue exercise), before going to bed early.

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