Sunday, Mar. 22, 2020 – Another Busy Day

Hi Darlin’,
Well, I had planned to take it easy today, but of course, there were too many jobs starting me in the face, so I had to get some of them done. The day started out with my usual routine of cleaning the pool filters (the pool is looking really good these days, though the water level is getting low, since we’ve had no rain for the past two+ weeks), then taking the horses down to Loxahatchee so the new vet could provide me with health certificates and a new 6 month EECVI. The inspection too less than half the time than him trying to get on the Vetlink website and giving them the information to get the documents. In the end though, I think he only gave me a 30 day and not the 6 month, so I’ll have to get back to him on that. I didn’t realize that till late, so I’ll have to get in touch tomorrow. Once we got back and I let the horses out, I decided I needed to pressure wash the inside so it would be clean when I get back next season, no sense leaving it dirty. While I was doing that I noticed some rust along the bottom edge, so I put some naval jelly on it and cleaned it up, I’ll spray it with some of that Rustoleum paint I got for the upper panel on the big horse trailer tomorrow when it’s dry. Then I saw that one of the net mangers had split along a seam, so I took that out and sewed it. Also, Apollo stuck his head out during the trip and ripped one of the corners of the screen panel, and I couldn’t get it out because the clips were too rusty, so I had to sew that on while standing next to the trailer. I did the outside as well while I was at it, and swept out the other trailer where I had been storing hay this year. I also had bought some lamp wicks, because I wanted to resurrect that big citronella candle pot, but those dinky wicks drown out so fast, so I cut the lamp wick into thirds, made a hole in the soft wax and shoved them down inside. Can’t wait to try that out! I finally wore myself out, so I put on my bathing suit and took a swim, floated around the pool for awhile, then sat down a read a bit while playing with Lola. My sister-in-law Dena came out to the pool shortly after that, she managed to score some of my brand of toilet paper for me, so we swapped out some rolls. Hard to believe that there’s a shortage of toilet paper in this country, not to mention lots of other things. A lot of the shelves in the stores are completely empty! Hope this plague is over soon, it’s starting to look like a post-apocalyptic movie around here! I’m expecting to see zombies or aliens any day now! Then brother Glenn came out and eventually Jeff, too, and we had our own little happy hour. Glenn had brought some venison steaks wrapped in bacon from Texas, so he fired up the grill, I steamed some corn on the cob they had brought, and I put together a salad for everyone, so we actually had a family meal together, on a beautiful Florida evening, and it was quite nice. Only meal we’ve had together, actually. I lit my citronella pot, and two of the wicks burned like crazy, though the third, which was lower, got drowned out a bit. By the time I blew it out an hour later, it had leveled off nicely, and the wicks were still looking really good, so I think that’s going to work! It kicked up some nice fragrance and a bit of smoke, and I do think it helped, though it will work better inside the screen room. Once mosquito hour started, we got the animals fed, and we all retired to our respective abodes, where I watched a few more Agents of Shield, and now it’s off to shower and bed. Good night, my love!

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