Sunday, June 21, 2020 – Relaxing Prep Day

Hey Sweetie,
Had a good night sleep, then after I got up I immediately started to pack for my departure tomorrow. There’s a storm front due at around noon and I wanted to make sure everything was done before then. I’m obviously getting more efficient in m packing, because it didn’t seem to take much time for me to put everything away. I did every scrap of laundry I could find while I have electric, since I will only have my generator and the solar panel at the next couple of campgrounds, which should be an interesting experiment, to see how much energy I can save when I don’t have a dialysis machine to run every other day. Of course, there’s rain the in forecast for the area for the next few days, so without sunshine I’ll be using my generator more. Like I said, a good experiment, a good chance to see exactly what my energy conservation will be like. Once I got everything packed, I had breakfast and did a few chores before the rain came in, so I literally spent the day binge-watching DS9, then one so-so movie before shower and bed. So a nice quiet day, much quieter than any packing day I can remember. By the time the rain came, the place was mostly empty, and was completely empty by the time I went outside again. No earplugs necessary tonight! So I’m off! Good night, my love!

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