Sunday, June 19, 2022 – Not the Day of Rest I Was Hoping For

Hi Sweetie!
Up again around 7:30, had a lot of problems to solve today. My phone, which has been giving me some charging problems for awhile, and which I’d been able to solve by buying a bunch of different charging cables, finally gave up the ghost last night. Looks like the charging port needs to be replaced. I was told that the Verizon store in Okeechobee did repairs, so after chores and breakfast and killing time by doing my book work until they opened, I drove all the way up there, only to learn they DON’T do repairs any more, and the only other cell phone repair shop was closed on Sundays. I managed to get the phone number transferred over to the old Pantech so I could at least get phone calls and texts, but I soon learned that I couldn’t get any data at all,so no internet and not hotspot, a complete waste of time. Rather than make the day a complete bust, though, I went to Tractor Supply and filled two propane tanks (I was down to my last one, waiting for the TSC in Indiantown to get their propane license, but they still don’t have it, so better safe than sorry!), also picking up some feed and a couple of spacers to use on the spare tire. I was able to return that quart of paint to the Home Depot, so there’s that. Got some spirits at the Winn Dixie liquor store, then stopped back at the Verizon store hoping they could get my data working, but the phone is just too old. Ended up taking a new phone with me, they have a return policy for 30 days, so if I can get my other phone repaired, I can return it. I’ll call the one guy in town that does repairs to see if he can fix it, but I’m beginning to think that maybe it’s time to upgrade anyway, much as I hate to spend the money on an otherwise perfectly good phone, albeit only 4G. I’ll decide after I talk to the repair guy tomorrow. After that, I got fuel at Walmart at $5.57/gallon, grrrrrr, and did a little shopping there as well, just a few things I was getting short on. Got back to camp after 3:00, worked on the phone to get it to my liking a little, then binged on a couple of Supernaturals, fed the horses, and settled down for the evening. Got a call from brother Karl’s birthday party, can’t believe he’s turning 70 tomorrow! Scary! Back in camp, I’ve got mostly good campers, but one family, a woman and two kids that she yells at all the time, creating some problems, not locking the gate behind them and leaving trash all around. They’ve been here before, so I’m having to keep an eye on them. Anyway, have a Spanish lesson to do, then I think I’ll check on the gate before my shower. Had a short storm here which cooled it off a little, but still muggy, of course. Then I’ll be heading to bed, later than I want, but that’s the way it goes! Love you, darlin’! Good night!

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