Sunday, July 24, 2011 – Ride Day at Mendon Ponds Park

Time for Hubby to get his chance to ride in Mendon Ponds Park!. We trailered the horses to the same parking area where we went on Monday, but this time instead of heading to the southern trail, we headed north to the longer trail. What a lovely ride! Once we found the proper trailhead, we followed the green blazes all the way to the water tower, which led us up and down moderate hills through a nice thick forest. The footing was mostly dirt, very little stone, so boots weren’t necessary. Eventually we climbed to the water tower, then shortly thereafter picked up the blue trail, which eventually led us to a grassy area that required us to ride along the road. After turning the corner, we sooned followed the trail back into the grassy area, where we kept seeing a lot of deer. Once we saw two fawns laying down together, but they scooted off before I had a chance to get their picture. Gorgeous! Didn’t faze the horses a bit, though, it seems they’re getting used to coming alongside deer! It was a fabulous ride, we were out for more than three hours and enjoyed every minute of it. A really nice park that’s we’ll no doubt come back to, time permitting!


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