Sunday, January 9, 2022 – Busy Puttering Day

Hi Sweetie!
Fortunately, I woke up still in the mood to putter today, so I got busy right after breakfast with all kinds of little odd jobs that needed doing. I started with patching the sheets that Lola ripped, I had to get the sewing box out of the attic and used patches that are probably from the 60’s, but they still worked! I put up a hook for a tie-back for the curtain in the bedroom, put a better hook in the shower caddy, hung up some pictures that I’ve been meaning to do for ages (like two from Goethe 2020!), fixed the trailer jack again, Pistol’s friend actually stripped the bolt on it the other day, so I had to put a washer in it to fill the gap, hopefully that will solve the problem of intermittent power and occasional sparks! I changed the batteries in the recliner chair power, not convinced two 9Vs are enough, they’re struggling, and probably won’t last long. Put epoxy on the handle of the sliding window in the living room, that had come off again awhile back, though the one in the kitchen seems to be okay from my last repair. Sewed a velcro tie back onto a solar cable, just a bunch of little stuff that needed doing. Felt like it was a pretty productive day! Lola spent the day sleeping in the gravity chairs outside, it was a beautiful day. It would have been too hot out in the field normally, but it was overcast and windy all day, so the temp was perfect. A cool front is coming through tomorrow, so it’s going to be a gorgeous week. Just wish I had better trails to take advantage of it! Finished off the afternoon with a lovely bacon-wrapped filet, a couple of hours of TV and now I’m ready for shower and bed. Good night, my darling! Love you!

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