Sunday, December 25, 2022 – Merry Christmas!

Hiya, Darlin’!,
Had a great night sleep, finally got moving after 830, gave the horses some alfalfa cubes soaked in hot water for breakfast as a special treat, then once again spent most of the day watching Christmas movies and calling family, including your sister Jean. Sorry to say she’s bedridden now, the health system there is struggling and they’ve cut back on the number of sessions they’re giving her after her surgery. Hopefully it will improve after the holidays, but who knows? Spoke to all my brothers. Jeff asked if I wanted to go down to the Turtle Tavern, but I decided to say in front of my cozy electric fireplace instead of driving 60 miles round trip for a meal. Not sure if he even went in the end. So a quiet day, did one load of laundry, but that was about it! It’s actually been perfect, it has been too cold outside to do anything. Granted, warmer than up north, but we had wind chills this morning below freezing, and didn’t get above 50 degrees here today, so staying home in front of a cozy fire was a perfect way to spend Christmas. Lola spent many hours in my lap today, too, so it’s been a good day, albeit spending it along. Had a nice ham, mashed potato and glazed carrot dinner as well. Heading for shower and bed, now, so good night, sweetheart! Love you!

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