Sunday, Dec. 13, 2020 – Good Work Day with a Bad Finish

Hi Babe,
Had a long hard day marking trails today, with Jo on her ATV. Not very comfortable hopping up and down off the luggage rack thing on the hood, and getting off and on the passenger seat was no better, but we managed to get most of it done, but I’m exhausted from all that climbing around. There are still several miles left to do (which I’ll do by horseback, which, frankly, is much easier!) because there was one section we couldn’t get the ATV through where Dede got stuck on Friday, and some other sections we can’t mark until we decide whether the green trail is passable or not. It was close to 4:00 by the time I got back, grabbed a beer, let Lola out (she didn’t come with me, so she was closed up in the trailer all day), and sat by the firepit with Mike and John, playing frisbee with Lola. All of sudden, with no provocation or warming, Mike’s dog leaped out from where he was laying down and attacked Lola, grabbing one of her hind legs. They fought, and by the time we separated them, Lola had big cuts where the other dog’s teeth cut completely through her skin on both sides of her legs in three places. They’ve had a minor tiff or two before, nothing serious, but enough so you would think the owners would know they have to keep that dog under restraint, but they don’t. I get it, it’s their house, but still, when you have guests and a mean, unpredictable dog, you’d think they would take precautions. Anyway, one of their dinner guests, who arrived moments later, happen to be a retired veterinarian, so she was kind enough to look at it and wrap it up for me, with instructions to change the bandages every other day for a week. Poor Lola, she looks so miserable now! She can’t understand why anyone would be mean to her, she’s such a lovable dog! I gave her an aspirin for the pain, now she’s sleeping, hopefully through the night. Anyway, we all had dinner together, then John started singing by the campfire. I did Snowy River, but didn’t really have any interest in listening to the music, so I left to make a map of the Hog Pond section that Dede managed to email me. I’m so tired, I’m taking my shower early, changing the sheets on the bed, and probably going to bed right after that. I’m going to try to find someplace else to move to tomorrow, I can’t stay here with Lola in danger of getting into another fight, I just won’t be able to relax here again after this. So, I can’t say it’s a good night, but I still love you, darlin’!

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