Sunday, August 26, 2012 – House Doctor Diagnoses, Sent Home to Hotel

Sick today, though I dragged myself into work anyway. I looked so bad my compatriots found the house docter (literally, the attending physician of the Congress of the United States, no less!) who examined me and concluded I had a severe respiratory sydrome in my head and lungs, a perforated eardrum (I had lost the hearing in my left in a few days ago), and conjunctivitis, aka Pink Eye, something I had once as a kid, which made my eyes super-red and watery, and was contagious as can be. I had no choice but to return to the hotel in the afternoon, with Jane taking over my rehearsal room, and Steve taking over Jane’s. Thank goodness I had planned for the contingency by bringing Steve on board back in 2008, but I never dreamed it would be ME he’d end up filling in for! I always figured it would be one of the older folks in the crew, like 78 year old Hubby! Oh well, at least the contract was being fulfilled, though I hated missing even a minute of it!

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