Sunday, August 22, 2010 – Short Ride North

Only took a short ride today, heading north along the edge of the Mattole River, which was quite wide, but with low tide there was a sandbar across along the beach side. We didn’t go too far, only to a large rock in the water, to see if it was birds or seals sitting on it. Turned out to be birds, seagulls. The horses don’t really like the hard slog in the sand, and the crashing waves weren’t the most calming thing for them either. Plus the beach on that side was littered with driftwood the size of redwoods, so we had to keep them close to the shore, and they fussed a bit about that. Only stayed out about an hour, but it was pleasant enough, being another crisp, gorgeous day, all sunny and temps in the low 70’s. At sunset, we once again sojourned up the berm to watch the sun set on another beautiful day.

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