Sunday, August 16, 2020 – Housekeeping and Prep Day

Hey Sweetie!
Another good night sleep, followed by a day of housekeeping and preparation for our departure tomorrow. I actually woke up in the mood to do housework, so you know what that means! I went through this place like a Tasmanian devil, cleaning almost everything in sight. I even did the deep clean on the leather recliners, something that’s needed to be done for quite some time. I repaired Lola’s big bed, installing the foam I bought the other day, she seem to like it, though I caught her starting to pull the stuffing out the her little bone-shaped pillow, so I took that away from her, I’ll have to mend that before I give it back to her. It took me most of the day, plus putting away everything outside, though I haven’t hooked up to the truck because it would have been too slope-y, I think. I checked all the vitals on the truck and the air pressure in all the tires, and noticed something weird. Even though it’s the same size tire, this Hanook I bought for a spare (though it’s on there until I replace with a Crosswind), it appears to be bigger! Just eyeballing it, it seems bigger, though I didn’t actually measure it. I’ll do that when I get to my next locations. Strange, though, and it’s a much different tread. I hope it runs okay, I’ll have over three hours driving tomorrow to check it out. Finally settled down for the evening, took my shower early, now I’m heading off to bed. Good night, my darlin’! Love you!

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