Sunday, Aug. 11, 2019 – Shopping Day

The plan was to shop first and ride when we got back, but of course, the best-laid plans… Though we got out fairly early, we ended up making so many stops, getting propane at Tractor Supply (just $2.59/gallon!), a grocery store, Home Depot, Walmart, a beer store, then another beer store, then a liquor store (just to get wine!), and a stop for fuel, whew! It was nearly 3:00 by the time we got back to an empty campground (only a couple of day rider trailers left), and Hubby was too tired to go for a ride, so we decided to postpone it until tomorrow, when we was more rested. It took me a while to put everything away, and to look for my truck key which I somehow misplaced between the trailer and the truck just before we left, but I didn’t find it yet. No idea where I set that puppy down, or where it fell out of my pocket! Still didn’t find it by the end of the day, will look again tomorrow. Thank goodness we had a spare set! Anyway, we sat in the screen room and read for a while, threw the ball and frisbee for Lola, eventually made a nice Beef Red Curry, then settled down for the evening. We were pretty sure that once this place had emptied out, we would probably have it to ourselves, and we did for a couple of hours, but then a couple came in, so it looks like we’ll have company all week after all!

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