Sunday, April 8, 2018 – Final Day of Hoosier Horse Fair

Thankfully had a good, uninterrupted night sleep last night, so feel more refreshed than I have in a while, yay! Got in to the building early in order to do a brief interview with Wayne Williams, a virtual icon in the horse world, producer and personality for his website He does a lot of announcing around the horse expo circuit, and he happened to have his booth right next door to ours. Anyway, we got that done in no time, and after feeding Apollo and letting him out into one of the small arenas for a while to stretch his legs, we went about the business of the day. Got another small but enthusiastic group in my 1:00 lecture, and managed to sell a few books. We're really in a bad location here, the building is about 20 colder than anywhere else, and people tend to walk right through it without stopping. I've actually sold less books here than I did at the Southern Equine Exchange, which had a tenth of the attendance. Oh, well, hopefully we'll do better at the Midwest Horse Fair in a few weeks. I've been having this nagging feeling lately that I should wear a helmet with Apollo for awhile, as I have no idea how he'll react after not being ridden since June, and never being in the woods without his mama before, so I decided to look around for one. Fortunately, a very nice lady named Beth, who had come to my presentation, was a nurse and a former head of a pony club group, so she offered to come help me get a good fit. I ended up with a Troxler, in brown (not my favorite color), but I can probably make it into a Hellhat and have it look okay. Not too worried, but I'll be riding on my own for awhile, and I'm a little skittish about that. I'm going to try to work him a bit more this week to settle him down, so hopefully there won't be any issues. Nevertheless, I'm glad I bought a helmet at this point. Meanwhile, once the fair was over, we started packing up, and the rest of the room was just about empty by the time we finished. While there were all kinds of concerns about a long line of people trying to load out, it was all done in an orderly fashion, and we managed to get out by 5:00, after feeding Apollo once again. We headed back to the camper, got everything loaded back into the trailer area, and relaxed as much as we could, until we got a call about 10:00 saying that they would be breaking down stalls starting at midnight and we had to come and get our horse, otherwise they'd be calling the Humane Society to come get him! Grrrr! Well, when we explained the situation, that we were okayed to spend the night (along with a lot of other people!), she made a few calls and then let me know that they weren't actually breaking down tonight, that they would start at 6:30 in the morning, so we would have to get Apollo by then. Fine. Another early morning in store for us! Got into bed quick after that, with the alarm set early!

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