Sunday, April 26, 2020 – Computer Day

Hey Babe,
I gotta say, I am getting SO TIRED of clouds, wind, rain and cold temperatures!!!! Another day today when the wind was just whipping around most of the day. It’s getting on my nerves, as bad as it did that month we spent at our friend Lisa’s on the Rockies Front Range in Colorado, when the wind was just non-stop! It was cloudy and cold all day, I didn’t leave the trailer except to feed the horses, and at dinnertime, I changes their rain sheets out for their winter blankets, because it’s supposed to go down into the mid-30s tonight!!! What’s going on?? It’s almost May, I can’t ever remember it being this cold this late in the Spring in Tennessee! And nothing but rain, I’m up to my ankles in the mud with my Wellies, and I can tell the horses are getting sick of it, too. The only good news is that the forecast for our day of departure is sunny and 70 degrees! I sure hope that plays out, it will be just the ticket for my personal “independence day,” when I finally get on the road as a truly free spirit, no house, no ties, no roots, just the open road and to go wherever the wind blows me (or NOT as the case may be!). I spent the entire day doing research on investments, since the proceeds from the house are safely tucked away in the bank, but their finally destination had yet to be determined. I’ve been working with a number of financial advisors, and I sort of combined all their advice to come up with my own plan. Really, I wanted to just hire someone to do it, but after talking to so many, it became clear that it’s all a matter of opinion in the end, and since I’ve done pretty well over the years with investing, it made more sense to me to just do the research and come up with my own plan. YES, I ADMIT IT!! I’m a control freak, nothing new to those who know me! Could be why I’m so frustrated with the weather, since it’s definitely something I can’t control! Anyway, it was a quiet day other than that, and in the end, there was a spectacular (albeit brief) sunset, as the sun slid between the hovering clouds and the horizon. I finally put my computer away, sloshed my way back to feed the horses and change their blankets, and finally settled down for the evening. Still a lot to do in the next few days, but at least I have a goal and a countdown! Five days and counting!! Love you, babe! Good night!

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