Sunday, April 24, 2022 – Whew! What A Day!

Hi Darlin’,
After all the hard work yesterday, you would have thought I would have slept through the night, but no, I woke up around 2:00, had to read for a bit before getting back to sleep, then woke up again before dawn, same thing. Finally my phone rang at 8:30, brorther Jeff wondering if I could bring out some ribs that brother Glenn had made for him and his crew of friends who were coming over to help him put on his LONG overdue barn roof. I was already scheduled to do a quick one hour Zoom meeting with an old friend a colleague in Spokane who was teaching a public speaking class (using my book as her curriculum) and has asked if I could chime in for an hour, which I did. When I finished that, I called Glenn and arranged to pick up the ribs at his new house north of Indiantown, and took them down to Jeff’s. Got them in the oven to finish them off, then sent for a quick swim, and was just relaxing in a lounge chair when I got a call from one of the guys in back that Jeff had fallen off the roof. When I got backe there, Jeff was flat on his back, but insisting he was okay, just let him lay there for a minute, but then he started asking some non sequitur questions and we realized he wasn’t himself, so I called 911 and they had paramedics there so quick, they’re only down the road a mile or two, and they got him up on a gurney and rushed him off to St. Mary’s on 45th Street, which is about the worst part of the county crime-wise. When I asked why they couldn’t take him to Jupiter Medical which was nearer, they said he needed a trauma center, and St. Mary’s had the best one around. Not surprising in that neighborhood, I guess. Anyway, they did a CT scan, which they would normally get the results for in a matter of minutes, but evidently some idiot hacked into the entire Tenet hospital system and everything had to be done by hand, which delayed the results for over six hours! We finally got the result at about 10:45 p.m., even though they had been taken by 4:30.. Fortunately, the only problem was his concussion, no bleeding or other complications, but they wanted to keep him overnight for observation, which I definitely agreed with, consider the entire 6+ hours his short term memory was completely gone. He kept asking the same questions over and over, and I would answer them over and over, and then he’d start asking the same questions over and over again, every five minutes or so. Was tempted to take a video, because I know he will never believe it when I tell him, but that would be just plain cruel. Besides my phone battery was low and I had to turn it off, while keeping everyone apprised of what was happening. Anyway, once they cleared him, he was able to get the very uncomfortable neck brace off, and they gave him a couple of sandwiches and some drinks. They didn’t have enough staff to put him in a room, so he has to stay in the holding area overnight, which will probably be noisy since it’s next to the emergency room. Seriously, the guy in the bed next to us had a gunshot wound that shattered his ankle, and I heard over the radio of another 15 year old girl being brough in with a GSW as well. Yeah, it’s that kind of neighborhood. I finally left after 11:00, only to discover it was pouring rain outside, my favorite kind of driving, at night in the rain. NOT!! Fortunately, I drove out of the rain pretty quick, got back to camp, threw some hay to the horses, got my shower, had a bowl of cereal, now I’m heading to bed. Whether I’ll get to sleep is another matter. Going to have to get up and get to the hospital to pick up Jeff, too, so another busy day tomorrow. Not exactly the day off I was hoping for, but maybe there will be some ribs leftover. That’s it, I’m brushing my teeth and heading to bed! Good night, babe! Love you!

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