Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020 – Travel Day to Franklin, TN

Hi Hon!
Woke up to the alarm, with no more excitement during the night, finished packing up, leaving the campground a bit after nine, and done at the dump just after 9:30. Flash is getting so good at getting into the trailer! Even with a pretty steep ramp today he went practically straight in, yay! Decided to take the freeway rather than the back roads, it probably added a lot more time than it was worth, made worse by me getting off a wrong exit, and then having the return ramp closed from construction, so I had to take a long way around. I wanted to avoid downtown Louisville, they’ve been having riots there, like in so many places these days. There seems to be a lot of anarchy out there, though I hardly ever watch the news any more, too depressing. I arrived at my boarding place in Franklin, and we tried to get into a narrow gate on the side of the field but soon realized it was hopeless, too many ditches, not enough room, so he ended up bringing me onto the property through a double gate closer to house and we just walked the horses out to the pasture. Lots of other horses in there, but they were all up at the back end, so I guess they’ll mix themselves in when they’re ready. They just moseyed in and started grazing, Apollo rolled, the usual. I met the whole family, and they’re all going to be looking after the horses and Lola. We took a walk down to a little creek with another one of their dogs, a protective Aussie I think, and she growled a little at Lola, who mostly just ignored her. I’m sure they’ll get used to each other, though I think they’re going to take here somewhere else where there’s a Weimaraner she should get along with, I hope. Anyway, I’m parked in a field near their house, thank goodness it’s beend dry so I had no trouble getting, and I filled up with water because I was too low for the next couple of days, then settled down for the evening. Finally got a great cell phone signal, so I was able to watch a movie on Netflix for a change. At some point when I have electric and a clear view I’m going to have to get the satellite dish up and load it up with more movies so the next time I can’t get live streaming I’ll have some things to watch. It worked out great these past few weeks, but I’ve pretty much watched everything we had left on the DVR, so I need to stock up again! So now the movie is done, I’m heading for my shower and bed! Busy day tomorrow! Good night, babe! Love you!

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