Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022 – Post Painting and Hurricane Preparation

Hi Darlin’,
Still having problems with my back, I’m sure I haven’t been doing it any good with all the physical labor I keep doing, but it usually feels better when I’m moving than when I sit for awhile, it really spasms when I have to get up again. Lots to do, though, today, starting with doing the final painting on the posts, and putting the crosspieces on a couple of them. Ready to put them in, but we’ve had a lot of rain, so it’s going to have to wait till the water levels go down. I think the red, green and teal trail I can do, they seem to stay the driest, but the yellow and white will be tough until we have some dry days. After finishing that, I took off some of the skirting on the trailer, figure even if the hurricane misses us, we’ll probably have enough wind to blow that around too much. Then I took out my new air compressor, and was really impressed for about ten minutes, it brought one of the trailer tires up 20 pounds in that time, then it made a weird sound, and though it kept running, no more air seemed to be coming out. I let it cool down (even though there was nothing in the instructions about overheating, like every other compressor I’ve ever bought), and I thought the downshifting noise was maybe it turning itself off as a precaution, but I waited a long time, then tried it on the Buick tires, and still got nothing, so this one’s going back. I love the design, and even though it’s supposed to go up to 160 psi, I’m guessing it will only do that if there’s no weight on it, so I’m going to have to just roll it onto the Jiffy Jack and fill up the tires when they’re off the ground. I already arranged an exchange, and it’s slated to be here by Monday, which is good, because if I do have to move, I need air in my tires, they’re all about 20 lbs. too low right now. By the end of the day, though, they’re now predicting landfall between Tampa and Pensacola, so I don’t seeing it having any significant impact here. Fingers crossed, because I don’t want to have to move yet! Of course, the new camp hosts are going to be here soon, so I’ll have to move then, but I’ll have more time and less stress to do that. Put some more stuff away, mowed my little patch of grass, put a lot of stuff in the shed, just in case. Then I worked on a little secret project for a couple of hours, which entailed walking around a bunch of the paddocks, so again, more strain on my back. I finally finished that up around 4:00, then settled down for the rest of the day. Finished off my limited series, watched a New Zealand movie, now it’s shower and bedtime for me! Good night, sweetie! Love you!

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