Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022 – Slow Start, But A Productive Day

Hi Sweetie’,
Felt a little better this morning at first, then sat down for a few minutes after breakfast and got achey all over again for some reason. Took some ibuprofen and waited half an hour, then started moving, which helped a little, but not all that much. I am trying to get down to the last few posts, filling in some of the blanks of this still left to be done, and it’s pretty confusing. It didn’t help matters when I discovered by computer and rebooted overnight after some update and I ended up losing all of my most recent trail work on Google Earth, which means I have to do it all over again, darn it! Fortunately I had updated my Post List and was able to recover a lot of the information, but still had to redo it on GE. Once I got that sorted, I cut the remaining crosspieces and painted them, hopefully these will be the last. I corrected some things on a couple of posts, and figured out how many more posts I needed to get. Then I took the left rear wheel off the tractor, it’s been showing some serious signs of cracking on the sides, so I had ordered a new one earlier in the week, and it arrived Friday at the Goodyear dealer in town, so I want to drop the wheel off to be changed on Monday. I managed to use the front end loader on the tractor to help me get it up in the bed of the truck, so I didn’t need to get any help. Just as I finished doing that, two lady riders arrived back in camp and announced they had found my chain! I had let everyone in camp know I had lost one and asked them to keep an eye out for it, and lo and behold, it was found! Yay!!! Surprisingly, it wasn’t on the trails I did on Wednesday, but rather on Tuesday on the Red trail, not far off from where it crosses the main grade, so I ran out there in my truck and walked in to retrieve it. So happy to get it back!. I have a bunch of old posts to pull out, and I was worrying about how to do that, didn’t really want to buy a new chain, glad I don’t have to. Then I ran over to the maintenance shed to pick up some more posts so I have all that I’m going to need, I hope! I needed seven but I picked up twelve just in case, hoping that will be the last bunch. Rinsed those off, did a little picking up around the carport, then came in, showered and settled down for the night. I had to take another ibuprofen, though, I still have some lower back pain. I was going to take the day off tomorrow, but brother Glenn asked me to do some errands for him, so weather permitting, I may just mow the lawn as well, but we’ll see. Been having a lot of rain the last few days. Anyway, done for the evening, heading to bed shortly. Good night, babe! Love you!

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