Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020 – First Ride at Shirley Creek

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Hiya Babe!
What a great ride today! Not the best night sleep but I woke up more rested than I was yesterday, and after breakfast and chores, I saddled up Flash and headed out on what I’m calling the “outer loop.” As you know, I always like to try to do a perimeter route on my first day so I can get a lay of the land, as it were, and today’s 10 mile ride fit that perfectly! I left camp, got about 100 yards and realized I’d forgotten to put Lola’s safety vest on, so I gaited back to camp to get it, then headed out again. What nice trails! These are the kind of trails I miss not going to National Forests, but they’re campgrounds are a bit dicey for a rig my size, so I’m not sure how many of them I’ll be able to go to. Even this one, I’m not sure if I can leave the campground and turn south, because it’s a narrow road with about a 340 degree turn, so I may have to go north and find a different way. Anyway, that’s a problem for another day! The trails are most dirt with some gravel, but it’s a nice small gravel that doesn’t bother anyone. Only a few mud patches, and they were mostly dried up since we haven’t had any rain in a long time here now. Beautiful deciduous woods, rolling hills, nothing too steep, nice switchbacks occasionally, a few pine forests wedged between, really nice! There was one section that went along a gravel road, but it wasn’t too bad either. I ran into a couple of groups on the trail, some folks seem to worry about me riding alone, which I can appreciate. Some see it as brave, others foolish, others stupid, but I just call it living! One thing that was always true about us, we never let our life be ruled by fear, and I don’t intend to start now! Got back to camp around 3:30, sponged Flash down, then proceed to try to get a cell phone signal good enough to internet, I’m just on the edge here. Managed to do a little work, but can’t upload pictures, so they’ll have to be added later. Meanwhile, I’m having my first glass of wine, I’ve put up the grill so I can have a nice burger in a bit, ready to settle down for the evening. Not much to add, you know what comes next, so I’ll upload this early while I’ve got a signal! Good night, sweetheart! Love you!

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