Saturday, October 30, 2010 – Party Day

Our hostess had a dinner party for her husband’s birthday today, so she spent the day cleaning and preparing, while I continued to get my computer up and running. It was a lovely event, with a high-end caterer from Colorado Springs, and a decorating crew that turned the room into a magic place, albeit barely large enough for a sit-down dinner for 16. We had cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on the patio, though it started getting cold and windy after a while, so we all meandered inside until dinner was ready. It was an excellent gathering, the food was great and the conversation was also quite interesting, mostly politics, of course, as many were involved with the hostess’ local political campaign, and with the election on Tuesday, and the race seems neck in neck, though no polls have been done so no one really knows. One thing we know, her incumbent opponent hasn’t answered any of the mailers she’s sent out (which were quite well done), and the momentum seems to be going her way, but no one will know for sure until Tuesday, or perhaps later if it’s really close, liks so many races across the country. After a deliciously sweet chocolate souffle with ice cream, we left the house at midnight on a sugar high that kept us up for hours, even though we went to bed by 1:00. Not a great night sleep, unfortunately, but that’s what Sunday’s are for, to sleep late and recover from Saturday night!

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