Saturday, May 4, 2019 – Yard Sale Day One

Well, even though I had 9:00 posted on my ads and signs for the yard sale, people were showing up early. We had a good crowd all day long, with one car coming in just as the last car was leaving. Sold a lot of stuff, especially the big ticket items, which were selling for quite cheap, naturally. Halfway through the day, after telling me he wasn’t leaving until tomorrow because they were going to stay and help, Glenn and his wife decided to leave early in the afternoon. Worse, brother Karl decided he was going with them. He’d been having a pain in his shoulder, and even though the hot tub on the deck was helping, he concluded it needed to be seen by a doctor so he had to go home. Meanwhile, they had packed the motor home full of stuff, furniture, tools, etc. and hauled it away with them, gone by 2:30, waiting just long enough for me to get Hubby on his dialysis machine. Can’t say it was entirely unexpected where my family is concerned, sorry to say. I’d say more but it would be uncharitable, and life is too short. So I was left on my own, in the rain, trying to handle everything at once, including monitoring Hubby’s dialysis session for 3 hours. Sigh. This is going to be even more work than I thought. Finally closed the gate up around 7:00 after the last customer left, and crashed, exhausted, for the short evening that was left.

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