Saturday, March 20 – Work and Rally

Met with the client in the morning, still making changes to the script so it wasn’t as productive as we would have liked, but getting closer. Then we walked out to the Capitol to observe the Tea Party protesters still trying to stop the train of the Health Care Bill. Starting to look bleak, unfortunately. Incomprehensible how anyone can believe we can add 32 million people to a system that’s already going bankrupt and have it “save” money. Only inside the beltway can they delude themselves so thoroughly. One thing both Dems and Repubs can agree on is the process of this has been so corrupt that it should be criminal. But then again, they’re the ones making the laws, aren’t they? Anyway, we’ve scheduled yet another session for tomorrow, no rest for the weary! But I’m not complaining, it’s how we keep the horses fed!

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