Saturday, Mar. 21, 2020 – Washing Vehicles and Other Stuff

Hey Sweetie,
Busy day of hard work today. I started out rinsing out the pool filters and pressure washing the deck, which has become my morning ritual, then I finished pressure washing the water tank in the truck, then I washed the truck, then after lunch, I carried the pressure washer up to the roof of the Open Range and took most of the afternoon washing the outside of that. Hard work, but it looked great afterward. The only problem was that the slide topper on one side of the living room has come loose, and I think it may have to be replaced because I don’t think I have any way to fix it, but you know me, I’m liable to try! Just have to do some research to figure out if I can. Meanwhile, I signed the contract to sell the house, so hopefully that will be closed next month and I’ll be officially “homeless,” but it a good way! I’m focusing on trying to move on later this week, but I just remembered that the horses health passport expired last month, so I have to get that renewed before I can go. Unfortunately, there’s only one vet within 50 miles that is part of that digital network that issues the Equine Extended CVI, and he’s located in Loxahatchee, so I messaged them to set up an appointment. I got a call from him around 9:00 tonight saying I can come by any time after 11:00 tomorrow (he works on Sunday!), I get the impression he works out of house, but then, so did our Jupiter vet, so what’s the difference? Anyway, we had another family gathering at the pool, another habit we’ve gotten into while Glenn’s been here, but they’re apparently heading out on Monday now, since virtually everything has closed down here, all the restaurants, bars, even the beaches for Spring break! Crazy. Though apparently it’s the same in Austin, but I guess he has stuff he can do at home. So it’s going to get quieter here soon, and even quieter when I leave, whenever that will be. Thinking maybe Friday if I can get everything done. I have a place to stay the first night, with a woman in met on the OTL who lives just north of Jacksonville, a perfect stopover point. I’ll probably spend the weekend, as she’s next to a preserve and I haven’t had much of a chance to ride lately with all the stuff I’ve been doing. Maybe I’ll try to get to get a ride in this week, but it’s going to be so hot, I may just wait until I get to North Florida, where it’s likely to be cooler. Anyway, time for my shower and bed. Good night, babe! Love you!

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