Saturday, June 27, 2020 – Rest Day

Hi Darlin’,
Had a good night sleep, no interruptions, did my morning chores, ran the generator for a short while since it’s cloudy so my solar panel didn’t do much to charge the batteries this morning, plus to toast my bread. Since there is rain in the forecast, and I’ve ridden three days in a row, I decided to just relax today, so I spent the day mostly reading, occasionally napping, and later watching a little TV. It was nice and quiet, except for the irritating visit from one of the ranger/security force, whatever they’re called. First, visualize this. I’m on the edge of a huge field that has maybe 30 or 40 other campsites in it, all empty. Then there’s another area of campsites in the woods to the west, also, all empty. Another 100 yard further west is the day parking area with a couple of trailers. I literally can’t seem them from my site. Lola and I are peaceably in the screen room enjoying the quiet, and this woman drives up in her truck, gets out and starts walking towards us. Lola doesn’t even bark, she and her wagging tail step outside the door and walk about 6 feet to greet this woman. I say, “Don’t worry, she’s friendly” and the first words out of her mouth were, “You know she has to be on a leash.” Seriously?? Lola came right back into the screen room. All I could say was that she had only been in the screen room. I mean, what point would there be to having her on a leash when she’s right there with me, when no one else is around? Then she started complaining that my pen was too big. I had put the electric fence up around a nice little alcove in the back behind the trailer, but no, the pen is only supposed to be on the edge of the gravel where the hitching posts are, which barely wide enough for a horse to stand without their rump hitting it.. Yeah this is another one of those places, like that horrid place in Minnesota that had the same attitude, that horses are slaves and it doesn’t matter that it would be cruel to make a horse stand on gravel tied to a hitching post for two weeks. I tried to paint that picture in the nicest possible way and all she could say was that no one has ever complained about it since the park opened in the 70’s. Really? Of course, trying to explain it civilly was too logical, so her retort was that my horse (Flash) was too skinny and that THAT was cruelty! Are you kidding me?? You can’t even see a single rib, even when he moves! I just shut up after that, there’s no way to argue with someone that petty who can only cite the ridiculous rules no matter how misplaced they are. Anyway, as I said, I just shut up, there’s no reasoning with someone like that, I was just glad she didn’t tell me I couldn’t have the horses on their anchors, which they were at the time, though they were literally right next to the trailer. Maybe she figured my starving horse needed the grass and that’s why she left me alone on that issue. She obviously didn’t get a good look at that fatso Apollo! So once again, a great horse camp is spoiled by people more intent on making people miserable than leaving them alone when no one else is being bothered. I’m seriously going to have to start looking at less developed campgrounds, like the national forests, because these more developed campgrounds can just get too aggravating when bureaucrats with no common sense are the ones running it. Well, enough of that rant, I had my shower early and I’m going to bed to read for a while. Good night, baby! Love you!

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