Saturday, June 26, 2010 – Crash Day

Slept pretty soundly, awakened at 8:30 by someone knocking at our door! (not what you’d usually expect out here in the middle of nowhere!) Threw on a shift and went to the door. By then, the knocker had gone on to the corral. I called out good morning, and noted that all of the horses the club had brought in were gone, apparently already off to do their thing. It amazed me that we slept through their entire preparation and departure. The man came back, asking if we knew which trail the group had gone out on, and of course, I had to explain we slept through it. He said he was part of that group but couldn’t make it last night. I suggested he speak to Bob at the campground, I was pretty sure that the trails that led out of the campground were the ones they were going to clear, but Bob would surely know if they passed him. As he prepared his horse, I fed and watered ours, then went back inside, debating whether to go back to bed or not. Yes, after nearly 12 hours of sleep, I still felt like I needed more! After a bit, Hubby and I decided to get up, but just to relax as much as possible today, so we had breakfast and spent the day reading (outside in the sun for a while, before thunderstorms rolled in nearby), then watching the World Cup as the United States to Ghana 2-1. Still feel terribly tired from all of yesterday’s activities, hoping to feel better by tomorrow so we can go riding.

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