Saturday, June 18, 2022 – Good Start of Post Intersection Painting

Hey Darlin’!
Had a good night sleep for a change, was up by 7:30 (still need to be earlier than that, but I’m working on it!), and after chores and breakfast, I dug right into painting the posts, this time with intersections in mind, which is a whole different approach in many ways. I started by numbering the ends of each post so I could narrow down what needed to be painted in a certain way, then I did what will be the white background for all the numbers. I can’t do the cross pieces until I get more material from James, but I can certainly get the rest of it done, which will make this a much easier job, one and done, when we take them out to install them. Made a couple of errors I need to fix, but nothing complicated, and I need to bring eight more poles out of the barn over here to add to them. Lola’s in the doghouse again, I wasn’t out of the trailer for five minutes, and when I came back in to get something, she had already managed to sneak her way into my bedroom! Grrrrr! I put her on her cable outside for the duration, which I’m evidently going to have to do every time I go out anymore. I had just sprayed her with flea spray this morning, don’t need THAT aggravation at bedtime! By 1:00 the posts were all in full sun, so I quit for the day, but got an awful lot done. Thinking I’ll take the day off tomorrow, and maybe if it’s cloudy, go for a ride. Sure could use one! Had some serious storms come in, just managed to get the horses fed before they rolled by, lots of nice rain for a few hours. Settled in for the evening, and after having taken my shower this afternoon, I’m heading to bed early tonight. Good night, babe! Love you!

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