Saturday, July 25, 2015 – Reunion “Return to Pittsford Day” Picnic

After getting up a bit early to prepare my macaroni salad contribution to today’s picnic, we headed out to Powder Mill Park, arriving about 12:30, early, but wanted to help my friend Steve however I could. Turned out there wasn’t much to do, but a number of other people had come just as early, as the class of ’73 decided to make this their entire reunion, and they had a pretty good turnout. It wasn’t long before a bunch more of my old friends showed, and in particular, one friend who now lives in Dallas who I hadn’t seen since about 1977! We started talking, and all the years melted away. It truly is amazing, how friends are friends even after all these years! I was truly fortunate to have a great bunch of folks around me in high school, and now it looks like I might have them around me again as we all get older. Almost everyone seems to want to retire, get an RV and see the country, so I suggested a Pittsford-Mendon camping club, where we all meet at various campgrounds whenever. Wouldn’t be surprised if that happens someday! Had a great time, stayed around till nearly 7:00, and the rest of the gang were there another couple of hours, but with our long drive back to Caledonia, we wanted to be back by dark. A really great day!

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