Saturday, July 13, 2019 – Quiet Day

I considered riding this morning, but I didn't sleep well last night and felt too tired. There were a lot more campers that came in yesterday (naturally on a Friday), and for some unknown reason, the campers just up the hill from us decided to run their noisy generator all night long! Amazing! In all the years we've been on the road, I can only remember one time in Louisiana when someone ran their generator all night, and now it's happened twice in as many weeks! What is wrong with people? It's clearly stated in all of the literature and on the kiosk that quiet hours are 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. but it doesn't seem like anyone is enforcing it. Which is funny, because I have had a neighbor get all bent out of shape when Lola went over to say hello, and her dog went berserk (which he did anytime anyone or anything came within 10 yards of him for the rest of the weekend), and then she kind of went berserk and yelled at Lola to get out of her camp, which Lola was only too happy to do, but couldn't understand why, since as a therapy dog, most people are so happy to see her. She just couldn't understand why the woman and her dog were so mean to her. Well, I got read the riot act about how all dogs are supposed to be on a leash, but I looked everywhere for that rule, on the kiosk, in the brochure, on the Hocking State Forest website, on the Ohio Division of Forestry website, and NOWHERE did it say dogs had to be on a leash. I finally found one general regulation for Ohio properties that said "on a leash or under control," but that was it! Anyway, I've been cooperating as much as I can, but Lola just has to play fetch at least twice a day or she's restless all night, and I have no choice but to put her in the truck or we would never get any sleep! Anyway, enough griping, suffice to say that lack of sleep doesn't help my attitude. I've said it before, though, it's seldom the horse camp that disappoints, because there's always something good about some aspect of it, but it's often spoiled by the people one meets there. Which is weird, because ever since we got into Ohio, everyone has been super-nice! I've had several incidents when folks have said kind words and offered help out of the blue at unexpected moments, and it's been lovely. That's why it's been kind of disappointing that the same hasn't been true in this horse camp. Sigh. Well, it was a good day for Hubby's dialysis, anyway, he felt better than he has in a long time, for which I'm grateful. Maybe tomorrow he might even feel well enough for another ride! I plan on taking a long ride tomorrow, even if it's after a short ride with him, since we have the day off from dialysis, and there are so many trails here. They just issued a new map this week, with all the highlights and destinations around the forest, a great improvement over the old maps I had downloaded earlier. In fact, I'll post a copy of the trails nearest the horse camp, so you can get an idea of all the cool sights to see here. Hopefully by end of day tomorrow, I'll have some photos of those places to go along with it. Stay tuned! And good night!

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