Saturday, January 8, 2022 – Busy Computer Day

Hi Darlin’,
Woke up refreshed and ready to tackle a whole lot of puttering jobs today, but then when I got on the computer to send out an email for the OTL first, I realized I had more problems with my mailing list than I thought, so I spent the day sorting that out, just finishing up at 9:00 pm! Got a couple of more registrations and another volunteer today, so it was productive even if it wasn’t what I started out the day planning to do. Spent the whole day in my chair working, except one short trip over to the hunt check station to fill up my tank with water for the horses. I drained as much as I could out of tank into the trailer before that, since that was more potable water, the stuff here definitely has that Florida well-water smell to it. It would have been very warm today, but there was a lovely breeze that kept it down a bit. Sorry that the horses are out in full sun, with only one tiny scrawny tree that doesn’t help much, but at least they have a lot of room to roam around now. Forgot to take pictures of the new site, I need to remember to do that tomorrow. Not really much else to report today, just that the mailing list is now as accurate as I can make it, I did get a mailing out, plus some others to old addresses that were messed up, so hopefully that will help get more sign-ups, though frankly, I’m quite pleased that we’re this far along with still more than a month to go. Judging by what I heard at the meeting last night, I think we’re going to have a LOT more people than they may be ready for, but we’ll just have to rise to the challenge! Looking forward to getting to Dupuis at getting the ball rolling. Anyway, I’ll soon be done with my Sleepytime tea and my French lesson, and off to shower and bed! Speaking of, Miss Lola somehow, while I was gone yesterday, managed to move the bar stool I put in front of the bedroom steps, got around the wastebasket I had ON the steps, pulled the partition apart and crawled in. If that wasn’t bad enough, she ruffled up the bed so hard she actually ripped my sheets! And they weren’t that old, I think I just bought them last year, so they were certainly not threadbare. Needless to say, she was in the doghouse last night, and now I’ve got sheets to repair or replace, which WAS on my putter list until I got on the computer. Maybe tomorrow! Good night, babe! Love you!

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