Saturday, January 23, 2010 – Rest Day

Hubby went grocery shopping, then we spent the rest of the day resting, trying to finish recovering from the cold. Also been having a problem with a shoulder muscle that started at a knot in my shoulder blade and ran all up and down the length of my body. Almost like a segment of muscle had been displaced over the wrong side of my shoulder. Started almost a year ago after an over-exertion with a chain saw, had a major improvement in November when it felt like most of the muscle found it’s home, then finally think we got the last of it today, using lots of stretching and a hand-held shiatsu massager. Will know better if we succeeded once the swelling goes down and things have a chance to settle. Spent the day catching up on some reading, too damp and cold to ride while we’re still a little sick. Rec’d our mail as well, so I’ll have plenty to do Monday.

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