Saturday, January 22, 2011 – Sold the Old Trailer Today!

Joined our hostess for breakfast that she prepared for us this morning, and chatted with her until our appointment, Maribel, showed up. She ended up getting a bit lost, and arrived just before 11:00. She had asked beforehand whether it would be okay to have the trailer inspected by a local trailer service place (she apparently had had a bad experience previously), to which we, of course, agreed. After looking at the trailer and liking what she saw, we hooked it up to her pickup and led her to ASAP trailer in Tomball, where a young main took a look at it. He found only minor problems, nothing that would hurt it functionality, and actually when asked what he would charge for it if he was selling it, he quoted a price almost $1000 more than what we had agreed on, so she was satisfied. We took her down to Tractor Supply to get some proper hooks for her safety chains, finalized the deal and went on our way, thrilled that we won’t have to leave the trailer behind for our hostess’ son to sell for us. Reconvened with our hostess for the rest of the afternoon before she and her hubby had to get ready for a dinner. During that discussion, and with a phone call from a friend of our hostess, our plans changed again. Now it looks like we won’t be here for two weeks, but we’ll be done here in Houston (for now) as of next Wednesday or so, so I guess we’ll be able to get to Florida sooner than we though! (Yeah!) Then we took the horses for a walk around the property, with my gelding jumping and hopping, obviously getting a bit stir crazy being in a stall for so long. We had a little practice run putting them into the trailer to see how they liked, and they had almost no hesitation getting in. They LOVED being able to stick their heads out the windows on the side when we opened, and the trailer seems so much more open and less claustrophobic, they had no problems at all. Afterward we had a quiet evening at home, watching the movie Angels and Demons, and deciding that we will go riding tomorrow, as the temps are supposed to be in the low 60’s with only a 20 percent change of rain. We found a park with horse trails only about 12 miles away (and near where my therapy clinic is), with good reviews on the internet. Looking forward to that, and so, I’m sure, are the horses!

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